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the murder of an animal. then having there skin used as useless clothing, accessories, junk. etc.
Most people dont know how leather is manufactured.
it is most times ripped off the animal while it is still alive.

It comes from :
Most leather comes from cattle who are slaughtered for meat, worn-out dairy cows who no longer produce enough milk to be profitable, and veal calves whose soft skin is particularly valuable. Each of these animals suffers a lifetime of cruel confinement and is ultimately harvested for their milk and/or flesh. They also suffer from overcrowding, weather extremes, and lack of food and water on the long trip to the slaughterhouse, with many dying on the way.
by bleuberryz August 15, 2007
her jugs got her a guy with a really hot car.
by bleuberryz January 17, 2006
being in love is warm.
i fell in love with him when i saw him the first time.
by bleuberryz January 17, 2006
1.to exhaile air out of ur mouth or nose with a force.
2.a breeze
that movie blowed.. bad.. made me sleep.
by bleuberryz January 17, 2006

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