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3 definitions by bleeding nose

obviously a mix between English and Japanese. Often used by weaboos and japanophiles, but also in japanese videogames translated to english. See engrish.
Weaboo: *blabber*-san and you know Naruto is rly kawai.
Japanophile: yeah it was totally awesomechan
Normal Person #1: WHAT YOU SAY!?
Normal Person #2: Japanglish.
Normal Person #1: lol ok.
by bleeding nose May 14, 2007
term used by 12-year-olds when somebody doesen't like them.
Person 1: can i join u
Person 2: No, sorry.
Person 1: OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!1oneoneelevennoob

(actual habbo hotel quote).
by bleeding nose May 25, 2007
Virginia Tech. Commonly refers to the April 16 shootings.


See also Cho Seung-hui.
V-Tech just kicked in yo!
by bleeding nose April 27, 2007