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A overly skinny, pale, white female. Most likely a scenester, but exceptions do apply (see Ellen Page).
Me: "Man, i got a cellular text message from Rebecca"
Friend: "Oh, is that so? Do you plan on having sexual intercourse with her?"
Me: "No sir, that bitch is a total envelope"
by blandz17 September 02, 2009
A phrase used when a friend of yours vehemently screws you over.
Me: "Dude, why didn't you tell me that she wanted to have sexual intercourse with me"

My Friend: "Sorry, i didn't think it was that important"

Me: "You totally Judas'd Out, dude"
by blandz17 September 02, 2009
A basic facet in the communist ideals of spreading the "lulz"; making sure everyone is in on the joke.
"I don't konw who the fuck that is, but I made sure she understood the joke, as I am an advocate of LOLcialism"
by blandz17 October 07, 2009
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