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A small white British man who has short man syndrome due to lack of sex. He walks round all day with a "loaded gun" unable to shoot it, he instead takes his anger out on society. A sex pistol often has poor dental hygeine.
A sex pistol came into the store today and lost the plot because we had run out of "reader's wives" magazines.
by blair January 16, 2005
Person with poor dental hygene.
Ewww do you brush your teeth with pieces of shit? Ha ha Johnny Rotten!
by blair January 16, 2005
A phrase used in exclamation of either a positive or a negative event. Sometimes just used as a random exclamation.
Person 1: Oh snap!
Person 2: Oh junk!
Person 3: I do what I want...
by Blair February 07, 2004
see norcal. the opposite of socal. only people in southern california use this, never people actually from northern california.
i didn't realize that the guy that sold us all the blow was totally from norcal until, like, a lot later.
by blair April 12, 2004
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