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"Froogle Doop" came from the crazy mind of a girl named Blair Elizabeth Coppage. She had a dream. She was skateboarding down the street, and a bush nearby began to rustle. She looked over to see what it was, and a man in blue and yellow spandex jumped out, and began to chase her. As he chased her, he waved his curls, red, pipecleaner arm, and yelled "Froogle Doop!". The origin is an odd one.
Froogle Doop owns you.
by Blair November 02, 2004
similar to the word square, meaning someone who is out of touch with current trends and culture, basically someone who "lives in a box" and appears to have no human relations skills. Also someone who is very uptight about trivial things.
Johnny was so box, he was panicing because he was unable to locate the assignment that he completed three weeks before it was due.
by Blair February 05, 2004
one of the latest, and not to mention, most idiotic players of WWIIOL

see also fucktard
"gin666 is an u|\|1337 b1z0t|-| fucktard"
by blair February 13, 2003
the sweat under the boobies
After running my boobtar was flowing
by Blair February 13, 2003
stupid f*ckin n00b at ww2 online, a stupid jackass
gin666 sucks major c*ck
by blair February 13, 2003
Rich black bitch backwards.
Oprah is harpo, harpo is oprah.
by Blair January 14, 2005
(aka 50cent) One of the best rappers of all time
Blood in my eye dog n i cant se
by Blair July 21, 2003

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