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This is a very diverse word that can be used in any kind of situation or in conjunction with other words to form new compound words such as Hoswenator, Hosweboy, HosweKing, etc...

It can be used as a noun, interjection, or adjective or for any part of speech at all.

::NOTE:: As an adjective it can mean anything you have to incorporate verbal tone and possible bodily expressions to portray the correct rendition of your definition of hoswe.

You're so hoswe!
Stop being so hoswe!

Look at that hosweboy/girl!
Stop being a hoswenator!
Wow,(name) you are a hoswenator of the Hoswe States of Americas Children of the world!
All hail the HosweKing!

What the hoswe!
by blackwolf90 February 04, 2009
The highest level of hoswe a certain person can achieve, even higher than hosweboy and hoswenator

You can only earn this rank of hoswe by with a secret rating of your peers based on your actions and motives.

The HosweKing is usually not informed that he is the HosweKing.

Only one person in each country can achieve this rank.

To learn more about hoswe check the definition of hoswe first
All hail (Certain Name), the HosweKing!
by blackwolf90 February 04, 2009

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