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1 definition by blackrose05

A fantastic wrestler who is detested by immature wankers who worship Bret Hart, due to the fact that Bret whined and sullied Michaels' name to wrestling publication writers whenever he wasn't getting his way, and the idiot fanatics were foolish enough to buy it. I guess you can't blame the Shitman for being jealous of someone who was so much younger, more exciting, more charismatic and better looking, but its a shame he let his insecurity get the best of him.
Get over it whiners. Bret Hart is long gone, and isn't coming back, whereas Shawn Michaels is still wrestling **** matches. Shawn won.
Its funny how his fans consider Shawn to be the arrogant one when Bret is the one has a slogan referencing himself as being 'the BEST there is, was, and ever will be'! Right, how humble.
by blackrose05 October 20, 2005
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