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(n) semen
(adj) asshole/dickhead/motherfucker
(pr) that bastard
Il-liba! - "Impressive" and/or "Oh shit!"

F'oxx il-liba ommok - literal "In the cunt of your semen mother" in other words, more subtly translated to "Fuck you"

Il-liba imqaddsa! - literal "Holy semen" also known as "Oh sod it all" and/or "Holy fuck/shit"
by blackrose August 26, 2003
A Black Man who prefers dating White Women.
Looks like the brotha's bringing home the milk again... hes a milkman...
by BlackRose December 23, 2003
(n) Surname of the royal |33t family
(adj) perfect, sublime, majestic, outrageous, superb, imposing, holy, divine, magnificent
"My name is M. Caligari" translates to I'm 20, single and sexy ;)
by blackrose August 26, 2003
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