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2 definitions by blackpinky

A Hebrew slang used to indicate the reciever is a homosexual, and one of the hardcore kind.
Ohel ba Tahat, translates in English to "Eats in the ass".

also can be used to show your frustration to your closest friends. (does NOT apply to family).
1. YA OHEL BA TAHAT..go play with your skipping rope somewhere olse..

2. I've been waiting here for hours, why are you late?? Ohel ba Tahat!
by blackpinky March 01, 2009
A text message ,sent by males to their female friend, contains only of words: "are you awake?".
Actualy means: "Would you like to have full sexual relations with me right now?".

usually used late in night, while drinking in the pub, when the male searching up his phone book for females he can have sex with.

EDI: "dude, i'm horny and all I can see here is guys".

Vlad: "Try sending some 'Awake messages'.."
by blackpinky March 02, 2009