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A strong alcoholic beverage made with a combination of Everclear, Vodka, Triple Sec, Wild Berry Schnapps, and Boonsfarm Hawaiian Punch mixed with pineapple juice, V8 Splash and Fruit Drink. Beverage should be mixed in a 5 gallon mop bucket and garnished with sliced apples and oranges. Serve with Ice.

This drink is so delicious that it feels like you are getting your nuts sucked by a second class ho, however, it is so strong, your mouth puckers like a contracted vagina.
Nate: "What are we drinking tonight?"
Nick: "Shit nigs! I just made me some nutsucker pussypucker!"
Nate: "Hell yea! I'll call out sick now for tomorrow morning!"
by blacknwhiteorca May 16, 2009
past tense of "sticking" when referring to "the man".
Bob: "What the hell are you doing?
Joe: "Sticking it to the man!"
Bob: "Oh, well I stucked yesterday"
by blacknwhiteorca March 05, 2009
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