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Civil Air Patrol is a great program youth, ages 12-18, and adults, to learn the core values of leadership, learn about aerospace education, and develop character that will last a lifetime. It is also a great program for people who like to serve their country and help people. Conduction search and rescue operations is the least to say. Along with practice flying, and numorous amount of national activities, I can easily say that C.A.P. is the most sophisticated program for getting people ready to join the armed services, but more specifically, the Air Force. As for the senior members, they can enjoy their post Air Force years in C.A.P. serving as executive officers for certain activites, and helping the cadets with guidance and what not. This is a very good program. I was in it. If you want to strive, join. If you get far enough, you can go into the armed services starting with 3 stripes, nice huh :)
Civil Air Patrol pretty much beats boys scouts and JROTC. They just don't compare, thats why I've seen so many switch over, but if you do both at the same time, you rank up faster, if that's your MO.
by blacknight7 July 10, 2008

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