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6 definitions by blackjack

Any illegal or quasi-legal activity undertaken on behalf of a corporate, military, or governmental organization that favors anonimity.
by Blackjack April 24, 2003
A name for someone who throws sarcastic insults towards you. A really good comeback if someone calls you the infamous "Captain Obvious".
Dude 1: "The grass is green."
Dude 2: "Thank you, Captain Obvious."
Dude 1: "My pleasure, Sgt. Sarcasm!"
by blackjack March 10, 2005
word meaning "fuckin' awesome". Started in May 2004 when a dude couldn't describe his girlfriend, so he had to make up a new word. Spollery was born.
Dude, that's spollery.
by blackjack March 10, 2005
A white person, that acts proper white. All posh all shit clothes, super racist to blacks.
That milky called me a monkey, what a milky idiot. No he's a rice crispy.
by BlackJack February 19, 2005
Tekken is the SHIT. I have been playing this game for 3 years and I still play it because it fucking owns. I have Virtua Fighter 4 for ps2 and it sucks major sick. The graphics hurt my eyes and the gameplay is ridiculously slow/boring and I have tried to learn it. Anyone that thinks tekken is a copy or its just a mashing game is a retard. It is a easy game to learn , but to master it , you need practice u fucking Virtua Fighter faggots.
Any Tekken game > Any Virtua Fighter game, period.
by Blackjack July 13, 2004
Warts or infections on the male genitalia
Make sure you use a condom to protect your wand from hogwarts
by Blackjack May 26, 2004