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hollywood undead is one of the most bad ass bands around

all members from the LA area, including compton, inglewood, and orange county
originated by members; deuce(also known as tha producer) and j-dog (also known as the server), the two made their first single "the kids" and put it on their myspace page. This track became a big hit on Myspace, leading to greater popularity for the band. Deuce and j-dog then added five of their friends to the group; charlie scene, funny man, johnny 3 tears, da kurlzz, and shady jeff. Shady jeff later left the group making it what it is today, a strong six

Deuce (tha producer)- singer, chorus(s) on most tracks

Johnny 3 Tears- rapper

J-dog (server)- rapper

Da Kurlzz- rapper, screamer

Funny Man (king kong)- rapper, mexican american baritone ("with the voice so low")

Charlie Scene- lyrical genuis of the group, rapper

They are their own genre which consists of rap, hip-hop, techno , hardcore, and metal influences.

Hollywood Undead hates "haters" which they preach in many of their songs and consistently threat, so if your a hater come see me, or come see hollywood undead
hollywood undead !!!

"Don’t get us wrong we only made this song,
to make you feel hard when you hit the bong.
When the 40`s up and then the 40`s gone,
to Lick shots kill cops, to a hip hop song.
So pull them toasters out them holsters,
pull that shirt right off your shoulders,
pull that 9 this is how you hold her, pull that trigger,
H U soldiers.Punk (punk), rock out on the block,
tick tock you can not stop(stop),
hip hop like when we drop top so hot (so hot).
Johnny 3’s been drinking whiskey,Trigger finger feeling frisky,
when you shoot it’s so damn risky, dead in a ditch,
but I hope you miss me"

j-3-t in "dead in ditches"
by blackhawk460 January 19, 2009
ill band from long island
known for there live preformances, catchy hooks, and unique titles
~cute without the "e" (cut from the team)~
def an emo band, but still kick ass
taking back sunday !!!

great romances of the 20th century:
september never stays this cold
where i come from and you know
im not one for complaining
but i love the way u'd role
excuses of the tip of your tongue
as i slowly fall apart...
fall apart

timberwolves at new jersey:
this is me with the words on the tip of my tongue,
and my eye through the scope
down the barrel of a gun
remind me not to ever act this way again
this is you trying hard to
make sure that you're seen
with a girl on your arm
and your heart on your sleeve
remind me not to ever think of you again

by blackhawk460 January 25, 2009

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