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29 definitions by blackflame619

Coined by Zaboo of The Guild.
Meaning "owned"
Codex: Don't do that.
Zaboo: Ooohhh. Doorstepped.
by Blackflame619 January 30, 2009
Acronym for Jimmy Eat World.
See examples:
Hey! You going to that JEW concert?
Yeah I hear there'll be alot of JEW fans.
Dude! I bought the new JEW album! JEW rocks.
Yeah my jewish friend hates JEW. Go figure.
by Blackflame619 January 30, 2009
means "deal" in latino.
Coined by Dave from Flight of the Conchords.
The D in my name stands for Deal, Dave means deal in latino.
by Blackflame619 February 08, 2009
A result of shitting yourself so bad because someone was insanely good at the guitar.
The band yesterday made me guiturd.

I guiturded after band practice.
by Blackflame619 March 13, 2009
Pronounced Back-Sent
The accent of a person from the back hills or back woods. (Hillbilly/Southern accent)
Kid: The new kid in our school has a huge backcent!
Teacher: Yeah I think he's from alabama.
by Blackflame619 March 11, 2009
You recieve these when you do your gym homework with sarcastic answers. Or by beating the teacher in ping pong.
Guy 1: Dude I got Gym detention today!
Guy 2: What'd you do?
Guy 1:I but Jim douglass as an answer for how to govern a serve. And then drew boobs.
by Blackflame619 November 08, 2008
Look it's a snail!
P_P #1: Yeah I just robbed a turtle.
P_P #2: NOICE!
by Blackflame619 March 29, 2009