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A mythical, euphoria-inducing chemical supposedly obtained from the inside of banana skins.
"Yeah, I hear that kid was trying to smoke bananadine."
by Blackdog January 19, 2004
A word deadpanned by high school teachers to elicit laughs from students.
"...and can be magnetized by stroking it." *giggle*snort*
by Blackdog January 16, 2004
Term used by theavonlady on the BIS forums.
RalphWiggum: "Stop spamming, avon!"
theavonlady: "SUFFAH!"
by blackdog July 24, 2003
The pmpest and illest g's to have ever graced Mnt. View and the rest of Nor Cali
Run bitch the 3rd view is coming and they will cut our punk ass's if they see us on thier terf!
by blackdog March 08, 2004
a very sexy blonde girl ha
kkkkk kkkkkkkkk k kkkppppp
by blackdog April 08, 2005
a very sexy blonde girl
kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
by blackdog April 08, 2005
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