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iFop owner of an iPhone.

By definition a Fop is a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance"

Fop became a pejorative term for a foolish man over-concerned with his appearance and clothes in 17th century England. Some of the very many similar alternative terms are: "coxcomb," fribble, "popinjay" (meaning "parrot"), fashion-monger, and "ninny. ..."

Modern day Fop's are also known as FanBoys for their feminine appearance and unnecessary interest in "pretty technology".
FanBoys in recent months have fought hard to deny the existence of the "Bridge of Death" a technological failure in the latest version of the iPhone (Favourite Tool of iFops) which prevents the phone functioning as a phone when held in a natural manner.

The solution is to get a prophylactic from the fruit company Apple which ensure that your fingers do not actually make contact with iPhone thereby permitting its poor design to triumph.

All in all it is probably a form of natural justice that a firm named after a fruit makes phones which need an outer layer of apple skin to protect them in the real world.
by Blackchurch November 05, 2010
A bunch of FanBoys who arrive at a bar and upon ordering their Creme de Menthe Frappe's immediately start texting each other on their iPhones.
An iForce is a gaggle of iFops on the town after a hard days shopping at the Apple Store.
by blackchurch November 06, 2010
Do I look Like I give a fuck.
Banker 1: Anyone know why the Dollar has dropped against the Euro today?

IT Guy: Dillygaf

Banker 1: is that like a subordinated bond problem?
by Blackchurch December 10, 2010
A sad follower of Apple who thinks he can control his entire world using Apple products.

He uses a different Apple product to manage each aspect of his life.
Typically the iCommander is weighed down when travelling with so many "extremely lightweight" Apple products that the sum of their weights means he has to pay excess baggage.

iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook, MacChicken etc....

The iCommander is a "FanBoy on steroids" always having more of and the very latest Apple toys than his peers in any iForce he belongs to.
by blackchurch November 10, 2010
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