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word used by ethnics living in Australia to describe a cool person. often used after said person does them a favour.
"keep an eye on my WRX bro"
"yeah sure"
"ohh wotta sick cunt"
by blackcherry November 25, 2004
one who fucks many a cunt
"so what do you do for a living?"
"i'm a cuntfucker"
"right... and what specifically does that entail?"
"well basically i fuck cunts all day long"
*hi five each other
by blackcherry November 25, 2004
The name of the fantastic EP from Sydney duo The Presets. Renowned Australian dance music site inthemix.com.au describes it as "30 minutes of energetic sleaze-soaked and slightly sinister synth-driven rock designed to slither into your subconscious"
One of the better electronic music releases this decade
by blackcherry August 22, 2004
a fluffy puppy whose name is muffy
"come here muffy! come on boy!"
by blackcherry November 25, 2004

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