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Tepidosity is the state of being tepid. When something is tepid, it's pretty hot/cool. whateva.
Tom : That movie was so cool!
Tim : DON"T SAY COOL! It's so uncool.
Tom : Ok. That movie was so... Hot!
Tim : Paris Hilton totally stole hot. say tepid, dude.
by black_magic_127e June 13, 2005
Fronculous is a combination of "fuckin'" and "redonculous"
Scarface is one of the most fronculous movies out there.
by black_magic_127e June 13, 2005
Redonculous is a variation of the word "ridiculous." Use it coz it sounds cool.
That was the most redonculous thing I've ever heard.
by black_magic_127e June 13, 2005

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