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The act of waving your hands/stick/body around like a Goon in front of The Opposing Goaltender until They get really, really, really Frustrated and distracted by your incredible ability to be an asshole.

-Works in any team sporting event. results may vary, including getting the shit beat out of you.
Well, I have absolutely no offensive talent in hockey, So, being the meathead that I am, i'm just going to do a Sean Avery-Screen, and flail my stick and body in front of this Asshole until he gives up.
by black man 2012 June 04, 2010
When ones' taint/gooch grows so much hair that it is not managable, at all
dude, my gooch monster needs to be waxed already.
by black man 2012 January 14, 2010
A Player-Hating degree.

made famous by the ghetto fabulous espn analyst, Stuart Scott.
-Denzel: Look at this buster ass fool... fuck he starin' at?
-Big Desmond:Nigga's gotta ph.D
-Denzel:Hell naw, that nigga dumb as shit.
-Big Desmond: Yeah mayne, a player-hating degree!
by black man 2012 June 13, 2010
A good code word for weed.
Playing Xbox=smoking weed.
(Live) Subscription= the weed that's bought and/or used
Xbox Controller= Any instrument of your choice to smoke the weed.

GameStop= your dealer, or anywhere you can purchase any "Controllers"

-Any other related Xbox material could be used as a code word of your choice too! Be Creative!
Mom- What are you boys doing?
Little Jimmy- oh, just gonna play some Xbox up in the attic. But i need to get a live subscription first at GameStop. We just Can't wait to break in our new controllers too!
Mom-Oh, you boys have fun Me and Daddy will be in the basement playing Dreamcast!

Little Jimmy-Umm....
by Black Man 2012 February 19, 2011
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