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1 definition by black julian

An acronym for "Please Fuck My Mouth."

Sometimes a youthful female begins to speak, and regardless of the arrangement of their syllables or their intonation, it only sounds like "please . . . fuck my mouth?" Women who are unable to speak without propositioning men for oral sex are found in all races, classes, and geographic locations.

This phrase was initially coined after a conversation with a young college student who despite considerable education and vocabulary, struggled to convey any messages besides "Please . . . Fuck My Mouth?"
- Hipster in a coffee shop: "I've never really been in a committed relationship. I just am trying to discover my own identity without a man."

Translation : "P.F.M.M."

- Good girl gone bad: "I just had like 2 beers! I am soooooo wasted! I've never had anything to drink before! I think you should help me get back to my dorm!"
Translation : "P.F.M.M."

-Crunchy environmentalist: Did you know that menstrual pads are not biodegradable and can release toxins that harm our environment? That is why I sew my own pads out of baby blankets because it reduces the amount of waste in landfills, and oceans.
Translation: "P.F.M.M."
by black julian April 02, 2010