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A slurred phrase of "Shit, I don't even know what the hell you are talking about!"
Person 1:Dude, that Wild Tazmainian Grundle just at my dog!
Person 2:Shalln'tevenknow!
by black ass February 26, 2003
A slurred phrase for "Shit, I'll kill you!"
Person 1:Man, I just knocked up your sister!
Person 2:Shaquillyou!
by black ass February 26, 2003
Crem'e Da la face, aka Swallow
You sucked me off so good, I had to gah in your mouth.
by BLACK ASS November 08, 2005
(n): 1.the region of the leg in which the ankle should be but is not present due to massive amounts of fat.
2.When a really fat person appears to have no ankles because the calf runs directly into the foot resulting in the appearance that there are no ankles.
Yo, that chick's got the biggest cankles ever. I swear she doesn't even have a heal.
by black ass February 26, 2003
You are all douches for arguing over a magic card. Get a life and stop whacking it off to your friggin' stupid ass magic cards. Damn, card games are out, they all suck. Stop playing with yourselves and get a life. YOU ALL SUCK BALLS!!
I think Akroma's the best!
No way! It's the gayest card ever!
I like to suck dick!
I like to take it from the back and get reach arounds!
by black ass April 25, 2003
YOU ALL SUCK! There is no such thing as a "non-wussy magic player." You know you wear your pants up to your nipples with suspenders. OH! Don't forget the pocket protector!
I'm a "non-wussy magic player."
No your not. You suck balls and use a pocket protector. I bet you'd give it to a guy up the ass and not give him the common courtesy of a reach around.
by black ass April 25, 2003
Fat bitch that rides on a forklift because her fat ass would never fit into a red convertible. Sexy if you like to fuck rhinos.
I liked to stick it in that genevieve gray chick!
No Way Man! I'd rather hump a rhino!
by black ass April 23, 2003
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