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An out moded for of government where power is handed down by accident of birth rather than other means.
The divine right of kings
by black flag May 29, 2004
A union of four nations, England, Scotland, wales and Northern Ireland. Former world super power. But thanks to largely friendly links with it's former colonies still can hold a lot of clout over international opinion.

With in these nations there is a very rich cultural, historical and enthic diversity that attracts over 35 million visitors a year.

Sadly it's population are now mainly disillusioned with its internal political system and as a result we have a very pro Bush government ruling a very anti bush population. However the British people have their own way of dealing with their rogue leaders.
2.5 million people marched through London against Britains involvement in Gulf war 2 and other marches the same day involved another 4 million people. There wishes were ignored. A price Blair is now paying at the ballot box.
by black flag May 29, 2004
A failing system of government, which like communism works in principle but fails in practice.
ALL democracies end up serving the needs of rich interest groups and detach themselves from the populous. which inturn results in the majority of the people being governed by a minority.
The current UK and US governments are both cases where a minority vote has put a leader into power against the wishes of the majority.
by black flag June 06, 2004
Scots english for church.
"Och it's the sabbath morn, better get ourselves off to kirk"
by black flag May 31, 2004
Music slang. Origin obscure, but has been in use since the 1970's

A person who blags their way into parties, or back stage at music events just to get free food and drinks, and to bore their friends stupid with stories of 'how they met David Coverdale,' or 'hung out with members of Led Zeppelin.
"I went back stage at the recent Deep Purple gig, but didn't meet the band cos there was 200 other liggers in the way"
by Black Flag May 20, 2007
Blind patriotism, a my country right or wrong attitude towards other nations and ideologies. Prevelent in certain sections of US and UK society
'jingoism is the bind of real democracy and a grave threat to the peace and stability of the world'
(Peter Boulton - 1997)
by black flag May 30, 2004
Scottish football team followed by bigots.
I'm a tru brit I follow rangers and hate everything I don't understand.
by black flag June 02, 2004
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