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A cute girl who is not afraid to slutt around. Very outgoing. Not a good friend to rely on in times of need. Not very trust worthy, but fun.The type of girl who sleeps with many people, and has a bad reputation.
example 1
GUY1: "hey did you hear kylee is dtf?"
GUY2: " Dude I already did that"

example 2
Girl 1: "im so sick of hearing kylee complain about her guy problems."
Girl 2: "I know, she brings it on herself, if she would just stick with one guy."
Girl 1: "yea atleast one guy a night ha"
#kylee #girl #slutt #dtf #guy #herself #outgoing #friend #cute #trust #fun
by blablahyouryouha February 03, 2010
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