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A phrase that can be used as a reply or advice in a variety of conversations, usually as encouragement (Keep up the good work, etc.) but also can also be defined as unproductive activity (fucking the dog, etc.) Can be used metaphorically or in the literal sense. Considered vulgar. Coined by news anchor Ernie Anastos of New York's Fox 5 network in a segue during a live newscast on September 16th, 2009.
My grandfather always used to say "keep fucking that chicken, boy!" and I really didn't know what he meant so I just rolled with it.


Ernie: "It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Nick."
Nick Gregory: "Well, I guess that's me!"
Ernie: "Keep fucking that chicken."
#fuck the dog #fucking around #dicking the dog #pump the neighbor's dog #kugw #kutgw
by bktscrambler September 17, 2009
Fictitious pie to be served to an individual who needs to go fuck his/herself.
Bill: You really made an ass of yourself today during your presentation to the new clients, Frank.

Frank: Hey, Bill, I've got a nice piece of Go Fuck Yourself Pie here for you. Eat up, fucker.
#go fuck yourself #eat shit #go to hell #piss off #eat my ass
by bktscrambler October 05, 2009
A non-verbal cue given to express disappointment, disapproval, dislike, or general disdain. aka a dirty look.
The guy just stood there on his porch with his arms crossed and gave me the douche eye.

My wife didn't have to say anything when I said I wanted to go out with the guys. I knew the answer when she gave me the Douche Eye.
#doucheye #douche-eye #stinkeye #stink eye #dirty look
by bktscrambler October 06, 2009
An action offered to an asshole whose worthless opinion or request doesn't matter and/or is a waste of time.
Frank: Hey Bill, Dave over in Finance wants that report from last week so he can finish the proposal.

Bill: Tell Dave to come see me and I'll punch his Tough Shit Card.


Tell me again how much you hate it when your neighbor's dog craps in your yard and I'll Punch Your Tough Shit Card for you.
#i don't give a fuck #tough shit #tough nuts #tough titties #fuck off
by bktscrambler October 05, 2009
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