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Made of shiny, black, stretchy nylon, this is a hat worn by thugs, wangsters and other types of douchebags. Not a true hat, the panty hat is actually made from the discarded crotch sections from Rosie O'Donnell's soiled unmentionables.

Though it has no known purpose, the panty hat is often worn so that others may know you possess below average intelligence.
Suffering from low self esteem, Darmetrius resorted to wearing a panty hat in order to get the props he deserved.

by bknix June 05, 2008
Famously available in any number of varieties, sizes, and degrees of freshness, the Hall Salad may be found on discarded room service trays on the hall floors of most hotels - - usually late in the evening. Common ingredients are: lettuce, tomatoes, cigarette butts, onions and straw wrappers.
Steve: "Hey baby, instead of going out for a bite, let's head up to the 3rd floor and see if we can find a Hall Salad or two."

Carol: "Steve, you cheap bastard. Last time I had a Hall Salad, I nearly gagged on a soggy piece of used Kleenex."
by bknix March 08, 2011

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