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a sexy guy who thinks hes the law and will whip out his pistol and make ya assume the position. he will frisk ya and check out each cavity before cuffin and stuffin ya. girls usually listen when he says spread em and once they surrender, the theme to COPS plays...whatcha gonna do when i cum for you! his best move is the pussy lockdown.
that BADboy is part of neighborhood watch...he protects the nice and punishes the naughty...and carries around a huge stick...usually concealed until ya time is UP.
by bkinz October 15, 2011
a naughty lil hottie who is into badass things...girls, guns, fast cars. he hisses like a cobra and has a snake in his pants waitin to spit. he makes ya wanna suck the venom rite out. if ya lucky, he bites.
did ya see that BADboy in the bush? i hope he opens up his jaw wide and swallows me whole.
by bkinz October 15, 2011

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