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An act of absolute and unflinching indulgence whereby a muffin is consumed within a short time or in a socially innapropriate manner.
From the chocolatey mess around her mouth, it was clear that the woman had just committed muffiny.
by bk-kaboom July 22, 2009
When a person writes two or more consecutive comments on facebook, using the subsequent comments to add more detailed information, usually to prevent themselves from appearing ignorant or idiotic to others who may question the legitimacy of the original comment.
Joe's Status: Feel so drowsy today.

Mark's First Comment: Don't you mean, DRAW-SAY :p LOL!

Mark's Second Comment: You had to be there to get that.

Mark's Third Comment: At the party, I mean.

Mark's Fourth Comment: Joe got totally pissed whilst we were playing charades.

Joe's First Comment: Way to go with the back-up comments...douche
by bk-kaboom February 23, 2010
A person who parasitically latches on to a celebrity tweeter, incessantly retweeting and tagging them to draw popularity in a manner similar to that of a leech drawing blood.
Person A: MattandDavid tagged me in a tweet, and now I have 1263 followers!

Person B: How comes?

Person A: I re-tweeted and tagged them non-stop for 14 hours, so I think it's a payback thing.

Person B: You utter Tweet Leech.
by bk-kaboom March 27, 2011

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