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The first sorority ever formed. Their mascot is the lion and their symbol is a diamond. As with any sorority it depends on the specific chapter but in general ADPi is usually characterized with stuck up and selfish girls. They are often referred to as "Shady Pis" and when recruiting look for girls who come from wealthy families. The sorority is often split evenly between the "bookworms" and the girls who party too hard/sleep around. When taking photographs together 9 times out of ten they will be making a diamond shape with their fingers. From the outside in they may seem closely knit and sweet but "adelphae" has become very weak. This used to be a classy sorority but is going downhill along with its reputation.
Jesse: Hey man, so I went out with a sorority girl last night..
William: No wonder you have such a big smile on your face, my man got some last night!!
Jesse: Yea i did.. but now she's gone psycho because apparently she has a boyfriend and he just found out she's been sleeping around
William: Gross man. I bet it was a Alpha Delta Pi, you better get checked out!
by bjfac11 January 07, 2010

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