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1. A expression used for smoking pot all day that originated in California in the mid 80's.

2. THE BEST BAND ALIVE!!! Green Day is a punk-rock band from Oakland,CA. The lead singer is Billie Joe Armstrong born Feb 17, 1972...the bassist is Mike Dirnt (Micheal Ryan Prichard) born May 4, 1972...and on drums is Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright 3) born December 9th, 1972. Green Day's biggest hit was Dookie until they released American Idiot in 2004 and left their shadow of Dookie. Since 21st Century breakdown was released in May 2009 and American Idiot has become a Broadway and is rumored to become a movie.
1. Tomorrow we should have a Green Day.

2. Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day is my fucking idol!!!
by bjaismyidol May 10, 2011
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