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50 definitions by bj

For sure / of course
You wanna play some b-ball?
Fo shizzle mah nizzle
by Bj February 17, 2003
33 40
a reaction to some person who got diced on some way or w.e...like O snap BiAtch you got diced.....nothing to do withsex
O Snap you got diced!
by BJ February 22, 2005
2 12
male sex organ (penis)
My nightcrawler is craving some action.
by BJ December 16, 2003
3 13
stupid gay dumb-ass
by Bj August 10, 2003
20 30
the male genitalia; often referred to as weiner, dick, dong, wang, and hotdog, among many others.
Hey (male name), come over here and stick your flapjack in my napsack.
by bj January 03, 2004
3 14
you add izz in the midst of the word wherever it is easiest to speak it.
lizzet mizee brizzeak it dizzown for yizzou. DAMN IT'S LIKE ANOTHER LIZZANGUAGE!!
by BJ January 08, 2005
6 22
A street name for cocaine. The name, Don Johnson, is usually pronounced with a heavy New York or Boston accent.
Hey, Tiny, do you know where the Don Johnson is? Son bitch!
by BJ August 25, 2004
14 30