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A group of girls that contracted the same sexually transmitted disease from the same guy (in most cases the guy is a college baseball player).
Why do my pubes burn? Oh hell, I'm in Club Mydia!
I should have known it, Zach made me a member of Club Mydia last night.
Friend: Wow, that girl is the bees knees. I'm going to ask her out.
Zach: Dont do it! That ho is a card carrying member of Club Mydia!
by bizzaro14 June 28, 2010
Words to describe a turbulent flight (which was bouncing here & there & everywhere)
I spilled my drink all over me when the flight got all goddamn gummy bears.
Holy shit that flight was gummy bears. I thought we were gonna die!
by bizzaro14 June 28, 2010
Striking up a flight long conversation with a person on an airplane while never knowing / asking their name. Relationship ends after you get the luggage from the overhead compartment.
That old lady wouldn't shut the hell up. To make her feel better, I gave her a one flight stand.
I cant believe that I used my drink tickets on that one flight stand.
by bizzaro14 June 28, 2010

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