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3 definitions by bizmike

Hitting send on a text message before you finish typing the message.
Haley: What did you mean when you texted me "That sounds n"?

Michael: I meant "That sounds nice." I got excited and had premature etextulation.

Haley: Don't worry, it happens to a lot of guys.
by bizmike May 15, 2012
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A decline in maturity and reasoning skills when dudes gather in groups.

Alternatively can be defined as a bond between dudes and the way they relate. Possibly the foundation for "guy code".
Seth is usually a smart guy but when he goes out with the guys "brogic" takes over and he does stupid shit.
by bizmike June 06, 2011
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A situation when two or more individuals possessing better than average technical knowledge disagree about something and exercise debates at length often never coming to any form of resolution in the matter.
Person 1: What happened here officer?

Officer: There seems to have been a disageekment over some Dungeons & Dragons.
by Bizmike June 06, 2011
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