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Things stupid scene kids do for attention and to show others how "HxC" they are. Or to show they are more scene than other people.

Trademarks of being scene and things that get you scene points:
owning a crappy tear-blue acoustic
owning a vintage telecaster
putting a pair of childing glasses in your hair
making your hair look stupidly messy
putting random stupid colors in it
prettending that you are cool
wearing exessive makeup,
wearing excessive beads,
wearing girl pants,
wearing excessivly tight clothes
pale skin
liking stupid bands like;
going to watch local bands
being friends with every local band
scene kid: "i'm soooo hardcore"
other kid: "no you are'nt"
scene kid: "omg hxc!"
other kid: "shut up before i knock the scene points out of you!"
by biyatchingabootscheenkidz September 30, 2005

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