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With the advent on Facebook of the ability to "like" comments, users can now deliver a "triple-tap" of approval to any post in three easy steps.

1. "like" the post.

2. write a comment to the effect of "i like this post"

3. "like" your comment
status update: Vikas Sanchez is FREAKING OUT ABOUT FINALS!

3 Notifications:

David Sethi likes your status

David Sethi has commented on your status

David Sethi likes his comment: "i like this"

Status Update: Vikas Sanchez just got triple-liked... FML...
by bitofrandito July 28, 2010
v. Riding exclusively two-wheeled vehicles. Derived from the videogame term Dual Wield, meaning to use two weapons at once.
my Fiero broke down, so now i'm dual wheeled-ing on the Schwinn and the Harley.
by bitofrandito May 23, 2010
Down to Get So Laid. A more appropriate, classier cousin of DTF. Because it is less well known than DTF, it can usually be slipped into casual conversation and only those "in the know" will understand the reference.
Jarrod: So do you two have a big night planned?

Connor: Yeah dude, I'm DTGSL.

Elizabeth: ???????
by bitofrandito September 19, 2010
n. an amount of alcohol, described as a "drop" in order to downplay the volume consumed. In many traditional Irish drinking songs, the narrator refers to only a "drop" of liquor, yet it always seems enough to lead to wacky misadventures.
"took a drop of the pure to keep me heart from sinking/ that's the Paddy's cure whenever he's up for drinking"
- "The Rocky Road to Dublin"

"Did you see Bill last night? He was so wasted. He told me he only had an Irish Drop"

"to help him on with his work every day he had a drop of the craythur every morn"
- "Finnegan's Wake"
by bitofrandito September 15, 2010

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