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to pwn your sorry ass by making your mouth work over time.
Your lips gently nibbling on my nutsacks.

by bite me February 24, 2004
They always show Eminem on the commercials but rarley ever play his shit sometimes they do though at least they do more than MTV.
Oh well to bad i am realy bored
by bite me November 19, 2003
A cruel tradition in Pamplona, Spain, in which bulls are driven down a street with people running in front of them. Only a few of the human participants have been killed in the history of the event, however, every bull that has run through the street has been horrendously stabbed to death in the bull ring. To protest this act of animal cruelty, animal rights activists have started a new tradition: The Running of the Nudes, in which protestors run the route, many without clothes on.
That idiot is going to participate in the Running of the Bulls.
by Bite me October 29, 2003
A very derogatory term used by southern whites against Native Americans. It is really a distortion of "Indian" of which many of these people are too dumb to pronounce, hence the word "injun". This word is to Native Americans as "Nigger" is to African-Americans. Also as "Honky" is to Whites. And also how "Chink" is to Asian people. All of this still goes on today. (Sarcastic Talk here> What a wonderful world!
That son of a bitch redneck called me a stinky injun, so I called him a "DEAD HONKY"
by bite me October 25, 2004
a male with no genetalia. Often characterized by a fondness for Oprah Winfrey. A unicks genetalia can often be found in his wifes purse next to his money.
Sam waved to his woman as she drove away in his new truck. A tear rolled down his cheek as he realized he was now a unick.
by bite me November 20, 2003
One of many POS cars that GM makes.
Man my Sunfire looks sporty but it can't get out of it's own way, WTF..
by Bite me November 24, 2002

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