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I have lived in brooklyn all my life and i love it. maybe because it is the only home ive ever known but seriously it is bitchin!

Another reason I love it is because it is THE BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!

(except for maybe Italy.. that shit is nice!)

Its a better place to live then most of mannhaten.. nah who am i kidden manhaten is amazing! hmm... maybe i should move to mannhaten... NO WAIT! BACK TO BROOKLYN

i love brooklyn and ...... yah..... it rocks!

Al Capone lived in Brooklyn... how could it NOT be cool?

person1: I like mannhaten better then brooklyn

guy comes out of nowhere and shoots person1 in the head

person1's wife: what the hell?!?!?!

guy: Im Al Capone, im in charge of real estate in brooklyn... BROOKLYN ROCKS!
by bitchinbrooklyn September 06, 2009

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