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3 definitions by bitcheslovebenbruce

Ben Bruce is the lead guitarist and backing vocals for British band Asking Alexandria. Asking Alexandria come from York, North Yorkshire, England, UK. Ben is currently 23 and celebrates his birthday on October 31st. Asking Alexandria are currently on tour and Ben Bruce is working on a solo album. Ben also has a clothing range; Ben Bruce Clothing.
Asking Alexandria fan 1: Hey, did you hear Ben Bruce solo in not the American average?

Asking Alexandria fan 2: YES! His voice is just amazing!
Asking Alexandria fan 1: I know right!
by BitchesLoveBenBruce July 31, 2012
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The female equivalent of freeballing. Wearing no underwear.
James: Did you get your underwear off of my floor before you left?

Amy: No, I couldn't find them, so I'm freeflapping.
by bitcheslovebenbruce January 04, 2012
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One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, has a really big heart and is always here for you no matter what. She will make you smile and make you laugh. Megan isn't the type of person to hurt someones feelings but doesn't like being hurt herself. She's one of the most honest people ever and will never betray you.
"omfg Megan's such an amazing friend"
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