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a story about sex
this is a sex story

Andre was the hottest guy in college. I was lucky because i was his roommate. when i came home he asked me, "why did you get here so late?" i told him, "i can't tell you its too embarrassing."

"just tell me im gonna figure it out someday"
"fine, i got a wax"
"for who? it has to be for someone"
"im not telling you"
"Can i at least see it?" he said.
"no," i walked away to take a shower.

in the shower i heard a squeaking at the door. Andre walked in naked. "you look nice," he said. "go away!" i told him. felling my C boobs giggle. i saw his dick getting harder. he walked inside the shower. i knew i wanted him so i let him stay.

he started touching where i got a shaved and slowly massaged my vagina. i moaned. he did it harder and harder. then he licked me and kissed me. i felt like i was going to have an orgasm. when i did i knew i had to repay him.

i bent down and began giving him a handjob. when he got harder i started sucking him. he moaned in excitement. first i licked the head then i sucked his 9" dick. after i swallowed him whole he cummed in my mouth. i drank it all it didnt taste bad anyways. i was surprised i didn't gag at all. i wanted him more now.

"get inside me!" i screamed.

he rubbed me with his big dick and inserted himself in. he did it faster and faster, deeper and deeper. "HARDER, ANDRE, HARDER!" i yelled. i let go of my cum and his came also. i felt our juices mix together.
by bitch you cant see January 03, 2013

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