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The first lyric to the song ''Sugar'' by System of a Down. Its one of their best songs.
The kombucha mushroom people sitting around all day! Who can believe you? Who can believe you? Let your mother pray! SUGAR!!!!!!
by bitch basket fagola January 22, 2010
When someone is just beyond a fucking idiot, they are a fuck tart supreme. Fuck, for how fucking retarded you are. Tart is just there. And supreme, for how supremely stupid you are.
Wow.... that is the dumbest thing you've ever said in your life. Good job fuck tart supreme.
by bitch basket fagola January 14, 2010
similar to a dingis but much more stupid
Larry you are so dumb you are a dingis... dont call larry a dangish.
by bitch basket fagola September 27, 2009
a strange reaction to something weird. also used to describe anything!!!!!!!!
she was like shafrangafranga
by bitch basket fagola October 31, 2009
When someone has a mustache, they are then part of the mustache brigade.
-Hey, i forgot to shave today.
-Well look who just joined the mustache brigade.
by bitch basket fagola November 06, 2010
when your eyes get blood shot from playing too much guitar hero. you don't have time to blink when the notes are going so fast!
-woah!!! are you stoned? your eyes are so blood shot.
-nope! i just played way too much guitar hero today thats all, so now i have guitar hero eyes.
by bitch basket fagola November 27, 2009
some have heard of the trash stache. its a trash stache literally on your ass.
sorry man i can't go out tonight, i have to shave my trash stache ass.
by bitch basket fagola January 30, 2010

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