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43 definitions by bitch

The coolest motherfucker that you've ever stared at.
Marrinson fucked my mom, and fixed my dog...HE'S THE COOLEST.
by Bitch June 19, 2004
4 4
to be done up, dressed up for an occasion, looking your best, looking like a cheap whore
shatwika was all done up for her birthday party
by bitch September 02, 2003
1 1
a group of lesiban fivesomes who have dildo sex every night
" You should join the firsky five, bitch"
by BITCH January 11, 2005
7 8
Cunt of cockheads
by Bitch August 03, 2003
1 2
Sic albany metal band whos gonna make it big
Dayturah is a sic band!
by Bitch July 14, 2003
0 2
another word for a pussy or vagina.
lick my twat now bitch
by bitch March 06, 2005
27 30
Nolda, also known sometimes as "Nolder", is also a loser who will never amount to anything. Hopefully he never procreates, because we don't need little ape looking men running around the planet.
Nolda knocked some bitch up, and then we killed the skank.
by Bitch February 27, 2004
6 9