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heres the whole thing about someone who is a gangsta first of all theres alot of entries that are biased against gangsta in here but most people get confuse between livin a gangsta life an being a gangsta if u livin a gangsta life ur acting like a gangsta u aint but u do things that real gangstas would do now being a gangsta is a whole different ball game these mans are willin to lay down there life for there hood just strait up die for dey set now i aint no gangsta ima thug an thats what most kids really are thugs are people who have a home and a low class dont have no hope because they feel as if nothin matters anymore an then theres fake thugs kids living in 50000 dollar houses frontin like they ghetto gangsta aint thugs there a step up gangsta shoot because they gotta or they gon get shot there aint no food on the table so sum mans have to sell drugs to eat big deal when ur brought up in a society where life is like that ur gonna be like that its a fact gangsta do this kind of stuff because they cant get a job because hey have a ciminal record or the place they live is a shithole and the rent is 1000 dollars but they only make 800 cuz they werent able to get the education they deserved because they dint have no parents to buy books dont talk bad about gangstas until you can understand an see the life that these people have to live thru everyday cuz most of yall wouldnt last 10 seconds
see hes a gangsta because he lived through all this he has to do this stuff to live not by choice.
by bishop AKA the kid AKA KILLAH October 05, 2006

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