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The northern section of Leominster, MA that borders the Fitchburg airport. Full of mostly retired white people, some apartments, and about 3 convenience stores. The west half is pretty low-middle class, and the east half is straight up rich. Lots of criminals come here because of almost 0% police presence. Lots of 18-25 year old walk around getting into trouble, and have keggers in the many woods to choose from. Daily activities include hitting up Cumby's for a white owl and walking for 49 seconds before someone you know calls you from across the street. Everyone either spends the whole day on the streets or getting a buzz from whatever they can find. Pretty much a dead town.
There's a couple places to find people.

1. King's Corner
2. Main St.
3. Any patch of woods
4. train tracks
5. infront of an abandoned building
ex. 1 "Damn this neighborhood sucks, I hate North Leominster"

ex. 2 "Lets hit up NLEO theres never popes(cops) up there"
by birdmamma December 09, 2010
Cheesetooth is a condition which affects mostly only redhead/gingerkids. It is named for the plaque covering one's teeth giving an appearance of a thin layer of yellow cheese. It is most easily noticed on pale-skinned subjects due to the strong contrast between their skin and teeth. They usually smoke cigarettes way too much as well. Also used as an insult to an annoying ginger kid.
Guy #1: Blah Blah Blah Blah BlAAAAH!!!(incoherent annoying words and sounds)

Guy #2: Shut up Scott, you f***in' Cheesetooth!
by BirdMamma December 10, 2010
When something is silly, stupid, annoying, anything you don't like, it's Fruitistical.
Mom: You should wear your red shirt today! It looks so nice on you!

Kid: No mom that shirt is just Fruitistical!
by Birdmamma December 14, 2010

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