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A disease deriving from persons of West Virginia descent. The symptons include slurred speech, having intercourse with ones own family members, and the inability to function without liquor in their body. Major signs of progression of the disease include annoying everyone with tales of childhood in poverty and inability to function normally in society. If the diseased person or persons starts to hump everything in sight, the only medical recourse is to shoot them in the fuckin head and move on with your life, the disease has progressed too far.
Hey, did you hear about Scott? He had a major episode of WVD last night and impregnated his mom, now he is going to be his sons father, brother AND grandfather. He's celebrating by drinking himself into oblivion.
by bipolarandluvinit October 16, 2006
This disease has many symptoms. All symptoms of this disease mimic being bipolar and being psychotic. If you run into someone who has budspair disease, they will most definitely live in indiana and will most definitely have no life, no job and live with their parents. They obsess over average, low par men and will stop at nothing to defend what they call a "relationship".
Amy has such a severe form of budspair disease, she had to be spayed and then put down for the sake of the sane world.
by bipolarandluvinit October 25, 2006
Budspair disease mimics all the symptoms of being bipolar and being psychotic. All people suffering from this disease are female, live in Indiana, have no job, have no life, live with their parents and obsess over men who CLEARLY are lying to multiple people..including all the personalities of the diseased. If you encounter someone with budspair disease,please do not try to reason with them, they will steal any pictures you post on the internet and come up with idiotic sayings.
Amy suffered so badly from budspair disease, she had to be spayed and 2 weeks later put to sleep for the sanity of the free world.
by bipolarandluvinit October 25, 2006

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