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To fuck up a persons goal, or lifelong achievement in a way so they fairly achieve their dream, but you are in fact a prick and completely fuck it over and steal it from them. you are a fucker and everyone hates you.

Jim Joyce missed an obvious out in a Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians game on June 2nd, 2010. Armando Galarraga, the pitcher for the Tigers, had 26 consecutive outs and had 1 more out for a perfect game, the ultimate achievement in baseball. The call was obvious; the Cleveland runner was out but Jim Joyce called him safe. The runner was out by more than a stride length, a easy call for a little league softball umpire. Joyce is 55 years old and already showing signs of Alzheimers, while every baseball follower wants to slaughter him, so accordingly his future isn't looking too bright.
Oh shit man, you totally Jim Joyce'd that call right there!
by binsin June 02, 2010

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