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the term for common seagulls, from middle-high Appalachian English
Damn Virgil, let's go down the country dump and shoot some them dump chickens, them's good- eating.
by binlabia June 21, 2010
a phrase formed to generalize no-talent-assclowns who specifically state they have travelled. either on a resume, simply as its own bullet-point, or in conversation when the topic is irrelevant.

(Born from the 'I'm on a boat' meme)
Person A: Did you hear Biff Fipplethorp talking about his parent-funded joyride through western Europe last semester?

Person B: Yeah that douche-bag is trying to use his alcohol-fueled fuck-fest of a summer of overspending as leverage for his next job.

Person A: Haha, he might as well quote it in his resume... "I'm on a Europe"
by binlabia June 21, 2010

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