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a stupid ass store which whenever i try to shop in or pick somthin up there i get bombared by old men trying to get me to sign up for a target visa who wont let me leave the store without trying to stop me or pursuading me to get their stupid card. Body guards stand at the entrance and exits .
target is stupid dont go there
by bingy February 23, 2005
a stupid ass clothing line and a cheap store- old navys clothes are ugly and gay as hell , they think they are preppy , they are in no way original or cool
Losers and gay preppys wear old navy
by bingy February 23, 2005
what losers call people who have accomplished somthing once or who are above them in looks, personality , talent etc.
i havent done anything good in my life and aint comfortable wit myself so im gona call him washed up cause he did somthin or accomplished somthin
by bingy February 23, 2005

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