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Legendary Wizardry is a common spell used by Emeritus Professors to keep their students in place for a long period of time. Once the student maintains eye contact with the Emeritus Professor for longer than five seconds, the Emeritus professor will cast his/her Legendary Wizardry by delivering an overwhelming abundance of information to the student, locking them in place until the professor feels tired or hungry; this could last many hours. An attempt to break the spell of Legendary Wizardry on the students behalf without reason is not usually common as the encounters are typically random and/or at a time when the student is already spending time trying to find information. To do so could result in the Emeritus Professor being frustrated which will lead to poor grades for the student, a bad reference, and/or scary nightmares every night until death. Hence, escape without reason is bad for the student. The interruption of Legendary Wizardry is possible if the student lies their way out of it so they can be elsewhere. While coherent from an Emeritus Professor POV, this outcome is unsustainable in the long run. Since the encounters are typically random, the student may feel hit with Legendary Wizardry more times than they think, and lying over time will have the effect of losing credibility with the Emeritus Professor; the result will be the same as if the student breaks the spell without reason.
Kevin - Joe, why were you taking with the professor for 3 hours?
Joe - Sorry, he was using his Legendary Wizardry.
by bingowings20 April 26, 2013

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