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2 definitions by bingo-lingo

Stretchy-elastic-waisted pants that women resort to wearing when they can't get their jeans zipped. They are often the result of holiday eating, are dark in color, and usually worn from November 30 through January 10.
"Hi Kathy, I haven't seen you wear those pants before"

"Yea, I put on a few pounds and everything else is too tight so I am wearing my fat pants"
by bingo-lingo November 30, 2009
The art of making anything look convincing by presenting it in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. This technique can be used by anyone for any purpose and works equally well with middle and upper management. Technique is much less effective on non-management rank and file employees.
"Were you able to convince your boss that your sales numbers were still going up?" Charlotte asked James.
"Yup - I dazzled all the department heads with some powerpoint glam and now they think I am the top salesman!" James replied.
by bingo-lingo April 21, 2010