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The first album from Phase Two of the hip-hop/reggae/everything else band, Gorillaz. While it is indeed the fourth album released from them, it's the second to feature brand new songs from their new artistic style (both musical and drawn). After a five year hiatus, Demon Days contains many new and superb songs, including singles Feel Good Inc., Dare, and (later) El Mañana. This album was produced by the prestigious DJ Dangermouse, who is responsible for mixing The Grey Album. B-Sides to Demon Days are already here, with more on their way.
Henry: Man, that new Gorilllaz album Demon Days sure makes me Feel Good....Inc. Hehehe.

Jake:...Shut up.
by billybelmont May 07, 2006
A phrase, often murmured to someone standing close to the speaker, used to describe someone attractive or otherwise desirable. Often used sarcastically when describing someone or something unattractive.
Two friends pass an attractive, shapely young woman waiting at a crosswalk.

Kellen: (quietly) Poon city.

A short while later they pass an obese, sweaty man waiting at a bus stop.

Dillon: (quietly): Poooooooooon city.
by billybelmont July 06, 2006
A term, coined by ESPN reporters, referring to the unusual interest and rumors surrounding the free agency of basketball player LeBron James. The LeBron mania culminated in an hour long special on July 8, 2010 where ESPN analyzed every detail and speculation about where the King would sign.
LeBronathon reached a climax when SportsCenter claimed that James leaving Cleavland would be like Cavalier's fans being hit by a nuclear bomb. There hasn't been a King James Mania this big since the 17th century.
by billybelmont July 08, 2010
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