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14 definitions by billyP01

someone who has shit breath
derrick stuck your toothbrush in his ass.. haha assmouf!
by billyp01 January 13, 2009
wtf is wrong with you?
john just spilled beer on the new rug... john! yo, you good?
by billyp01 December 05, 2008
living the good life
"i just got a OZ...for the next week we lobsta livin"
by billyP01 August 28, 2007
someone who goes behind your back, or you cant trust.
bri told his girlfriend everything you told him last nite.

what a little shitsnake !
by billyp01 September 09, 2010
words white men use to degrade black people
bill- hey uncle tom!

rayray- you white devil, always using that cracka slang!
by billyp01 January 14, 2009
the philosophy of one named bill
bills motto is "when in doubt, rub one out" just another one of his billosophys
by billyp01 September 05, 2009
the act of getting annihilated
we drank and smoked for 12 hours, shit son i was straight wiggled
by billyp01 September 05, 2009